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The #MeToo movement moves from Hollywood to Washington D.C. to CA Court of Appeals.  6th District Court of Appeals Judge Conrad Rushing has retired at a time of alleged sexual harassment as shown in the Judicial Council of CA commissioned report by Sacramento law firm Ellis Buehler Makus.  The Commission on Judicial Performance started their own investigation according to The Mercury News article  and came to the same conclusion.  

This is not the first time we have seen a judge retire this year amid allegations.  Judge Garry T. Ichikawa retired from Solano County where he served 17 years on the bench, most recently in Family Court.  His retirement announced in October came after allegations of wrongdoings in custody cases, including placing children with an abusive parent.  Family court activists had served a notice of recall to Judge Ichikawa prior to his announcement.  Currently though the Superior Court of Solano lists Judge Ichikawa as a Supervising Family Law Judge.

Another judge who has been accused of placing a child with an abusive parent is Judge Vincent J. Chiarello.  Judge Chiarello was re-elected in 2012 (unopposed and therefore not on the ballet) with his term ending in 2019.  Judge Chiarello not only is the judge who replaced Judge Persky (Brock Turner's judge and currently under recall ) in criminal court, but served as the judge in the family matter for Mark Mesiti and Roberta Allen.  Judge Chiarello ordered Alycia Mesiti-Allen into the custody of her abusive father, Mesiti,  who within a years time, drugged, raped, murdered and buried his own daughter.  Mesiti claimed Alycia "ran away" in 2006 and it took three years before a re-investigation led to the discover of her body buried in the Mesiti's previous residence.  Currently Mesiti is requesting to withdraw his guilty plea of 47 counts including sexual assault and murder of his daughter.  His sentencing is set for January 18, 2018. Note, Chiarello was re-elected after Alycia's body was discovered and video of her sexual assault was found.

Judge Rushing has been involved in family court matters as well when he ruled on a matter which was brought up for appeal.  When a parent requested the family court look at a substantiated CPS report that included child sexual abuse, the lower court ruled the parent vexatious, thus enabling the court to refuse to hear the request.  As a pro per, the parent filed an appeal, but Judge Rushing refused to hear the case claiming an appeal for the vexatious ruling was not allowed for the parent was named vexatious. 

The silencing of abuse continues.  

While the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) has been ordered to be audited in 2016 due to a concern of lack of discipling judges based on valid complaints, it has yet to begin.  The CJP has sued the CA State Auditor, claiming their records are confidential and the State Constitution prevents them from sharing these records with the auditor.  This lawsuit has delayed the audit for over a year; the judge's decision could come this month.  An appeal on this decision is expected even before the ruling is announced, thus it is unclear when the audit will actually occur.  Ironically both of these agencies are funded by the CA State Legislature.  Advocates for child safety in family courts pushed for this audit, including Center for Judicial Excellence and CPPA.  

The lack of transparency over all of these matters is concerning.  Family Court matters have been disclosed to the Judicial Council of California (JCC), yet complaints need to go the CPJ.   The majority of these complaints go unheard thus leaving many children in the care and custody of their abusers.  It is unclear why the JCC would request a report on a judge versus allowing the CJP to handle this matter as it appears to have done so for Judge Rushing.

Also concerning are retiring judges avoiding discipline from the CJP or a recall and receiving their retirement benefits regardless of their past actions which may have been grounds for dismissal.  As we see with Judge Ichikawa, continuing to practice, receiving retirement and payment for his role as a supervising judge may just be the strategy for judges with allegations who wish to continue practicing.  
By CPPA Website 06 Dec, 2017
What's your dream, everyone has a dream! It is California dreaming time. Too many in CA though have gone from dreaming about a wonderful family life to experience abuse within their family and then abuse again when they try to protect their own children from the abusive parent. A majority of the time when this abuse is reported during a separation/divorce, the protective parent loses custody to the abuser. Now protective parents/the safe parents dream of being reunited wi th their own child/children, at time to visit them without a supervisor, for the rules of the Court to be followed, ethical professionals, the truth to be know, their child/children to be safe, for their children to just be able to cope long enough until they turn 18 and the dream that they will live to 18. And these are the fortunate ones who can still dream that their child will live through this for their child is still alive. This is not a better off for your children's generation when there is abuse. Newsrooms up and down the state want to know about your dreams and how could this nightmare be happening here is CA. Please take the time to respond, remember this is the team that wants to know the reality of what is happening and help expose the truth; be respectful and remember they probably are not expecting to hear about this issue. Educate, help make them aware of the family court crisis and together we will see a day when our dreams can become a reality, a day when children can tell they are being abused, they are believed and protected.

Click h ere for details and to enter your dream/nightmare .
By CPPA Website 05 Dec, 2017
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, knows abuse comes when one person has power over the other.  Her recent FB post talks about this power within the #MeToo movement and what is need to sustain this forward motion.  Her points for needed policy are basic needs for any movement to have success.  These can also be translated to what is needed for family courts to ensure children are able to live in a safe home.  

Take her words here and replace workplace with home/family court:

Every workplace should start with clear principles, then institute policies to support them. First, develop workplace training that sets the standard for respectful behavior at work, so people understand right from the start what’s expected of them. Second, treat all claims – and the people who voice them – with seriousness, urgency, and respect. Third, create an investigation process that protects employees from stigma or retaliation. Fourth, follow a process that is fairly and consistently applied in every case, both for victims and those accused. Fifth, take swift and decisive action when wrongdoing has occurred. And sixth, make it clear that all employees have a role to play in keeping workplaces safe – and that enablers and failed gatekeepers are complicit when they stay silent or look the other way.

See her full FB post here .
By CPPA Website 05 Dec, 2017
A brave mother speaks about the death of her three-year-old son, Jesse Ray Adams when he was shot and killed by his father in 2012.  When Christy Adams decided to divorce her husband, CJ Adams, he decided to hurt her in the worst way.  CJ threatened to kill their son post separation and when Jesse was in his care,  he did. CJ called Christy and shot Jesse while on the phone with her before taking his own life.  Now Christy is ready to share her story with all to prevent more children from being harmed.  

Read their story here .
By CPPA Website 05 Dec, 2017
With many abusers being known to more, many people are being confronted with the possibility that someone you know, care for, love, work with or admire may be a sexual predator.  At CPPA we believe children should immediately be protected from their abusers, sexual or otherwise.  Here is one way to respond to an abuser when you discover the truth or an allegation against them, “I may be out of touch for a while. I am hurt and confused by your actions.” 

See more recommendations from Raliance here .
By CPPA Website 30 Nov, 2017
A mother hears her child state inappropriate behavior by the father to the children.  Instead of getting help and protection, she is investigated and ends up losing custody, first to her parents and then to foster care.  While this case was reversed and this mother has custody again, two months away from the family has hurt her family.  

Read and see the full story here
By CPPA Website 30 Nov, 2017
Father, sexual abuser, murderer. This is the man who was given custody of his daughter only to drug, assault, murder, bury her and say she ran away. Now he wants to take his plea back. While there is a law in motion calendared for January 18, 2018, the family members gave their victim impact statements

Read the full article here .  Photo credit: Andy Alfaro
By CPPA Website 30 Nov, 2017
On Tuesday, November 28, 2017 in Modesto, CA,  the family of murdered teenager Alycia gave their impact statements in court for the matter of The People VS. Mesiti, Mark Edward.  This hearing was originally to be the sentencing of Alycia's father who plead guilty to drugging, sexual assaulting, murdering her and 44 other counts against him, including sexually assualting two other minors.  The father in this matter has requested to take back his guilty pleas with his new lawyer.  The Court granted this law in motion matter which is set for January 18, 2018.  More impact statements may be heard on this date.  If the Court denies the motion to withdraw the pleas, sentencing will be on January 18 as well.  Alycia's mother, Roberta Allen, her great-aunt, Robert Fitzpatrick, her great-uncle, Fr. Michael Fitzpatrick and her best friend's mother all spoke.  

Here is most of Roberta Fitzpatrick's statement and Fr. Michael Fitzpatrick's impact statement .

Robert Allen's Impact Statement

My name is Roberta Allen, and I am Alycia’s mother. This statement I have struggled with as there is no easy or short response to ‘How has his actions affected me and my family?’. I have been plagued by Mark for 30years and there hasn’t been a year in that time I have ever breathed easy. To this very morning I wake either angry or in tears because of all the hate and harm Mark has affected throughout decades. And he could have been stopped long before Alycia’s death, the other two children were victimized, before my children’s lives were derailed to the point of serious chaos and hurt, and became so devastating I would lose all sense of what and who was real, true and trustworthy. But Mark is very good at preying upon weaknesses and sensing just which button, in another, he had to manipulate – not push outright as that would spoil the fun of the game for him, to elicit the machinations necessary to win support and even assistance in committing the most heinous of crimes. But it is a confounding riddle to me how so many could fight so hard to afford him his ‘Rights’, and opportunity for what I feared would and has happened, while he so consistently and conspicuously endeavored to take the very same from us.

Mark created a way of living that has had me on high alert whether present or absent. I still struggle with many fears though you’d think I could finally relax. But I have become a truly damaged human being with all the years of abuse, which never stopped, and even got more insidious when the door was firmly closed. That I am here, over 11 years after Alycia’s passing, to try and describe what his actions have done to me and mine, is still part of that abuse. If I could simply relay the constant turmoil and angst I breathe along with the air, while trying to move normally and feel thankful for the chance at another day, I would. With so much to react towards, in my head, in my heart, in this room, I don’t think it could ever be accurately conveyed.

To have my children ripped from me and then made to watch, like a strangling spectator from the sidelines, as they were forced to endure such trauma and terror of which no one should be made subject, to be denied any recourse in order to stop the pain, allowed no ability to provide any protection to thwart his intentions, no doubt was just the icing on the cake for Mark. I told the Police, and to any I could grab an ear, since 2006, Mark was responsible for Alycia’s disappearance. I was made to suffer years before anyone even looked for her. That in itself is crazy making. I was ignored when calling attention forth throughout my raising of the children, and when they went missing I was dismissed and demeaned by those that were supposed to be standing up for their survival. After what has been my entire adult life to date, I have been left ground into a form of nothingness that has me struggling daily to look past and reform, because of the actions Mark took for his own despicably perverse gratifications. My nerves are shot and I deal with severe anxiety, depression, often damned with agoraphobia, insomnia, panic attacks, and so many triggers that have me frequently hiding and unbalanced. I can’t work or plan time with others because when the anxiety becomes too constant and /or when I face even a few bad triggers in a week, I become so physically ill I can’t leave my bed for days. As a direct result of all that Mark has put me and mine through, I have been diagnosed with disorders by which I will most likely be haunted, afflicted, and disabled for the rest of my life.

This statement started out being eight pages long, but there is only so much time and energy I wish Mark to enjoy from this. I wanted to give by example how he has ritualistically, sadistically, narcissistically, and greedily gobbled up any and all of the possibilities and potential positives the kids and I could have reached, Before he was given custody, but actually trying to read the first draft was just too devastating for me to articulate. Mark took from me, literally, everything but my heart, and it is overstressed and strained constantly by Pain. I appreciate this chance to even speak a few words, but they now seem moot. The damage has been done, and he will be reliving his actions for a very long time no doubt fondly, as he was Allowed to do all he has because of his winning the ultimate of chess games. But anyone who hides secrets, such as they were and he had, can only be deemed a vicious sociopath and a coward. To anyone who would spare him a thought or future civility, only folly will follow. This is a man that is incapable of being rehabilitated and should be with the same constraints as Alycia, while alive and now. He has proven he holds no humanity or respect for even the most vulnerable of us all, even while they were in the most vulnerable of states, and though it would be his pleasure to show you how smart he feels himself to be, should you pay him any mind, you’ve already lost whatever game he has devised for you.

By CPPA Website 26 Nov, 2017
Michigan's House Representative for over 50 years, Representative John Conyers, Jr., has asked to step aside from the Judiciary Committee during the investigation into sexual harassment allegations.   "After careful consideration and in light of the attention drawn by recent allegations made against me, I have notified the Democratic Leader of my request to step aside as Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee during the investigation of these matters," Conyers said in a statement Sunday afternoon.

See the full article here and an article regarding the allegations, including the payment via taxpayers money for a settlement.
By CPPA Website 22 Nov, 2017
"It was like a match that turned into a forest fire out of control.  I just want healing.  It is time.  We need to move forward in a sense of growth and healing."  These are just some of the words spoken today as Larry Nassar pleaded guilt to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and using his position as the team doctor to sexual abuse other victims.

See his plea statement here on CNN  and read the article here .
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