ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study

The ACE Study was conducted by Kaiser Permanente with Dr. Vincent Felitti and the CDC in the late 90’s. For the first time, adverse childhood experiences were correlated to addictions, diseases, mental health issues as other adverse situations. Understanding ACEs leads to trauma informed care, removing children from their abusive situations, allowing for healing, and acknowledging how these ACEs are preventable.  

California Protective Parents Association

Center for Judicial Excellence

Child Murder Data CJE has been tracking child custody murder data since 2008.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

  • Petition by Jessica Lenahan Gonzales found the United States committed human rights violations. (2011)
  • Attorney Diane Post filed a petition which the Commission has not finished reviewing to date. (2007)

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council continually provides research concerning victims of trauma in the legal system and professional circles. 

How Many Children Are Court -Ordered Into Unsupervised Contact With an Abusive Parent After Divorce?  Study shows 58,500 per year in the US are forced to live with their abusers after family court.

Liz Library

The Liz Library has a collection of articles and research about joint custody, Parental Alienation Syndrome, myths and child abuse.

The Robing Room

The Robing Room allows for litigants to rate their judges and see how others have rated them.


Crisis in Family Court: Lessons From Turned Around Cases. Final Report submitted to the Office of Violence Against Women, Department of Justice by Joyanna Silberg, PhD Stephanie Dallam, PhD Elizabeth Samson September. (2013)

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